There was an idea amongst the studio crew that we had issues with the existing studio street stand we place on the Steinenvorstadt  almost everyday to make people aware of our tattoo studio location being that we are not street level. Two things that have been a bit annoying for awhile now have been the currents stands weight (43kg), and its aged design…nothing that jumps in your face. Not that it has not served its purpose over the years, we just felt it was time for a needed change.

So upon thinking this over I came up with the idea of our new concept, everyone should be “World Famous” at least once in their life and let us give them that opportunity!

Hence the birth of our soon to be  world famous  “Tattooed Man and the Tattooed Lady” street stand.  Designed to be attention getting, socially interactive (photo opportunity), representing carnival style ( sideshow) of sign making and traditional tattoo designs. After many moments of discussion, mixed with drinks and laughs we started to lay down a plan of how we would go about it all…

Safe, solid and sturdy, built to withstand the  weather and elements… so I started out with this after 6 hours.

Next was to prime the wood and get it ready for painting… stinky, messy job.

Once primed and dried, the artwork began to flow….


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