If the cost or price of your tattoo is a deciding factor on where and who does your tattoo, and you are looking for a deal or a cheap tattoo then you have landed at the wrong address.

An age old saying that still holds true today… “Good Tattooing Is Not Cheap, Cheap Tattooing Is Not Good”

The minimum price of a tattoo in our studio is CHF 200-. , depending on the size, design, and placement most small to medium size designs can cost between CHF 200 to CHF 400… naturally larger work and custom designs will cost more.

Remember that a tattoo is for your whole life, and should stay beautiful for your whole life. Never compromise the quality of the tattoo and artwork you will carry for your whole life over its cost…

There are many tattoo studios in the Basel area that are much cheaper than us, and they keep us very busy. Much of our work load in the tattoo studio is covering up or trying to fix tattoos they have done or tattoos that customers have done while on vacation.